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The Complete Guide to Boondocking - PRINT VERSION - by Mike and Jennifer Wendland

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The Complete Guide to Boondocking
by Mike and Jennifer Wendland

We created a PRINT version of our most popular guide to help you with the most common boondocking problems. We get a ton of questions from our subscribers about how to get started boondocking that range from where to go and wild animals to water conservation to what equipment to use and more. 

We're Mike and Jennifer Wendland and we've been RVing since 2012. This handy book is designed to teach you step by step exactly what to do so you can easily enjoy your RV anywhere both on and off-road!

Throw off the shackles of traditional RV Parks and campgrounds, stop paying high fees every night that you spend in your RV, and experience the boundless amounts of nature while boondocking.


  • The 4 electronic systems in your RV that you’ll need to master to get your rig “boondocking-ready”
  • Our tips and tricks for conserving electrical energy in your RV
  • Our favorite “cheat” to get a long HOT shower on the road
  • Dealing with groceries, cooking, and garbage - and how they change when you’re boondocking
  • How we think about meals while boondocking
  • Resources to find free or extreme low-cost boondocking spots and places to stay the night
  • An answer to the question, should you take a gun with you boondocking?
  • Ideas and recommendations to conserve water while you’re boondocking
  • Understanding the balancing act of water in your RV between your tanks
  • How to improve cell reception and get WiFi to stay connected to the outside world while boondocking
  • An example of how we find a typical boondocking spot
  • What is boondocking etiquette and best practices to follow to ensure that you’re being a good neighbor and good to the land
  • What you need to know if you’re going to be boondocking in bear country and safety precautions to take

And so much more! 

So, you’ve decided to start boondocking?

You’re done with the noisy RV parks, the 3.5 feet of room you have squished in between two other RVs, and other people’s kids running through your campsite?

You’ve ditched the hookups, the concrete blocks and have replaced them with self-leveling and Navy showers?

This is the book for you.

Take it one step at a time. One little improvement at a time and just know that you’ll never feel 100% ready before you take the leap to boondocking. But once you do you’ll never look back! 

Happy trails! -- Mike and Jennifer Wendland