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The Great Lakes Shoreline Tour by Mike and Jennifer Wendland

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We love themed travel adventures.

We’ve done Route 66 from Chicago to California. We’ve followed the Lewis and Clark Trail west from St. Louis to Oregon. We’ve explored the history and culture of the Natchez Trace across the South.

But one of our favorite RV trips has been driving the United States side of the five Great Lakes.

It is a trip of over 4,000 miles and takes you to 8 states!

And it’s filled with beautiful vistas, welcoming towns and villages, and fabulous places to camp, hike, and explore.

We were so taken with the adventure of this trip that we just knew we had to write one of our Adventure Guides about it!

But instead of the usual 7 Days that some of our other guides can be done in, with this one, we’re suggesting that you budget more time. This is why we are calling it a “Tour” instead of a 7-Day Guide!

In this new Travel Guide for The Great Lakes we cover in detail:

  • Notable U.S. Cities/Towns along each Great Lake (US side) like; Watertown, Grand Island, Geneva-on-the-Lake, Vermillion, Mackinaw City and so many more!
  • What to See/Do Around EACH Lake like; Ocqueoc Falls Scenic Site, Les Cheneaux Islands, Antique Boat Museum, and many, many more places including BONUS side trips!
  • And good Campgrounds for each Lake (US side) - at least 4 or 5 for EACH Lake! With all the info you need to set up reservations.

    This one is NOT a printed, hard copy guide. This is a fully designed eguide that you can download and start reading immediately on your phone, tablet, computer, or e-reader.

    If you’ve never made your way out to The Great Lakes before, you're in for a real treat.

    It’s nearly impossible to beat the breathtaking surroundings that touch eight U.S. states and Canada. And with so much water, you can be sure the sunrises and sunsets are amazing.

    No matter what time of year you decide to visit, there are guaranteed to be incredible moments of natural beauty that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

    You can even catch the Northern Lights if you come at the right time (usually around March or later in Spring).

    The Great Lakes have it all. From the big cities of Chicago and Detroit to the most remote and rustic lake shores with charming towns, to the most picturesque of lighthouses.

    Throughout your travels, you will see true wilderness and wildlife, and there is no clearer place to see the stars at night. Whatever your pleasure, these shorelines are sure to inspire even the most discerning of travelers.

    Happy Trails! --- Mike and Jennifer Wendland