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Winter RV Camping Guide - Why Stop RVing Just Because it's Cold?

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A lot of RVers in northern climates feel bad every November. That’s because they have winterized their RVs and put them away in storage until the spring… some five months distant.

Some of the lucky ones became snowbirds and flea the north for sunny skies and warmer temperatures as snowbirds. But that’s at least, maybe 10% of the RV population.

Most based in the north just wait until it warms up.

When Jen and I started RVing, we were about to do the same thing. But it just didn't make sense. Why should cold weather mean we had to stop RVing? So we took ours as far north as we could go in our home state to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and did our first winter campout - in two and a half feet of snow!

It was an adjustment, to be sure. We had to do some things very differently to camp in cold temps. But over the years, we’ve figured them out.

Our record, by the way, is camping when the actual outdoor temperature was minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill on that January trip to Northern Minnesota was minus 50! But we stayed snug and warm in our RV, even as a pack of wolves howled outside.

We are huge fans of winter camping. Now we say that knowing many people are not. Indeed, you need to actually enjoy snow and cold. But we know there are thousands of RVers out there who just need a little coaxing and some tips to get out there and have fun in their RVs year-round.

So that’s why we wrote The Winter RV Camping Guide.

In this 36-page ebook - (NOT a Print book) we’ll walk you through what you need to do before you leave home to get your rig winter-ready, and we’ll cover what to do when setting up camp.

In the winter months, the forest transforms into a magical place of deep stillness and startling beauty that invigorates the soul. We love it so much we recommend every RVer try it at least once.

First, to be clear, this book is not for those who are seeking to live in their RV during the winter months in a cold climate. Living for months at a time in an RV in below-freezing temperatures will require different preparation than what we cover here.

And it’s really not for tenters, though, to be sure, there are a lot of winter tent campers.

But for those like us who enjoy winter activities and want to take their RV for a snowy adventure, this ebook is for you. This is mostly written with those in Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and Truck Campers in mind.

We’ll cover issues like water usage, keeping your rig warm, and bringing your dog.

We’ll share many tips we’ve gathered from our experiences so you will have everything you need to know to successfully enjoy a winter camping trip this year.

It is possible to use and enjoy your RV all year round.

And after you put into practice the advice we share in this eBook, we are sure you, too, will find an exciting new dimension of the RV Lifestyle.

There's no need to stop RVing when it gets cold! Some come on out with us and share the adventure!